Urban Farm Girl
in West Bend

Urban Farm Girl
in West Bend

My Story

 Wow…so…here I am opening a shop/boutique or whatever you wanna call it. Lol...Life takes you in places you never thought you would be. I think I need to start from the beginning…Ohhhh about 31 years ago my mom and dad decided to sell their multi-level contemporary home and buy this old dilapidated run down log home from the 1800’s. I was devastated, I thought my parents had gone crazy AND bankrupt. At 15, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with that old house. After we moved in, my parents decided it was a good idea to redo my room first. Lol. Logs and hardwood floors were out of the question, I wanted wallpaper and carpeting. 10 years later…I ended up buying a 1868 cream city brick farmhouse. I guess the apprecaiation of history and preservation wore off on me! Fast forward 29 years…the summer after my mom passed…I needed something to fill my time of sadness with. It all started with painting an old junky cabinet and then a friend wanting to buy it. Needless to say, my brush has been busy ever since and now I have lots of fun, one-of-a-kind, unique furniture that needs a loving home. In addition to Farmhaus Furniture, I will have flea market finds, trendy threads, candles, an amazing skin care line and lots of other fun things. My hours will be open by chance or by appointment. Call me anytime, and if I am avaialble, I would love to meet you and show you my crazy, unique, fun finds! 

Custom Painted Furniture

Do you have outdated furniture?  

I  can custom paint your pieces.

Urban Farm Girl's Boutique

Come visit UFG in West Bend,  located

 in an old restored milk house.

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Urban Farm Girl

7930 Meadow Road, West Bend, WI 53090, US

(262) 339-7546


Open by chance and by appointment